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Zug, Switzerland

Baarerstrasse 112
6300 Zug, Switzerland

Our headquarters are located in central Switzerland in the city of Zug. Thanks to its excellent connections to the national transport network and the airport, we can reach our customers in the entire German, Austrian and Swiss region in a short time. Our Swiss GmbH is always your contractual partner, even if you cooperate with our location in Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Akademik Stefan Mladenov 46
1700 Sofia, Bulgaria

We are located in the capital, Sofia, in a building from the year 2015 with a fantastic view over the city and up to the mountain Vitosha. Our office is located in the middle of the student quarter, just a few minutes’ walk from the Faculty of Computer Science. The airport is about 10 minutes away by taxi. The office is equipped with everything you need for efficient work: Video conference room, fast Internet with 1000MBit, workstation equipment same as in Germany,…

A picture says more than a 1000 words

Here you can see a couple of photographs from our site in Sofia