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Who we are and what we do

We specialize in SAP developments for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As an SAP partner (ID #1697496) we offer you outstanding quality and technical excellence in the field of software development. Thanks to our high-level specialization, we were able to further optimize the SAP software development process. Our extensive development experience has resulted in smart solutions which is why we can offer SAP services at market-leading prices:

  • SmartShore senkt die Entwicklungskosten

  • SmartDelivery verbessert den Entwicklungsprozess

We always step in there, where the SAP standard has functional gaps or where processes can only be implemented with great effort. Depending on the requirements of our customers we select the appropriate technology – SAP GUI, web or mobile application. The experience that we have with the process and applications helps us develop an integrated application which can be operated intuitively. We cover the full range of SAP development technologies, from extension and modification techniques to classic ABAP and the latest mobile and HANA developments.

and others


Smartshore is a form of nearshoring that was specially developed for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our nearshoring site is in the Bulgarian capital – Sofia. As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria offers legal security and economic and political stability. Bulgaria is one of the most renowned nearshoring destinations and is continuously ranked first in Europe according to the relevant studies, such as the one from the National Outsourcing Association (NOA)Cushman & wakefield IndexA.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index (GSLI) and many others.

Bulgaria takes a leading position when it comes to nearshoring destinations

Smartshore was developed from our own experience with near- and offshoring, the experiences of friendly companies and customers as well as from numerous studies. With Smartshore we eliminate the biggest risks that lead to failure of outsourcing projects: Communication problems and poor quality.

German language & Swiss quality

Our German-Swiss management in Bulgaria ensures that work is carried out in accordance with the German and Swiss quality. In order to be able to work at this level, we make no compromises when it comes to employee qualifications:

Smart Delivery

SAP UI5/Fiori is SAP’s new standard interface and one of our technical focuses. Our extensive development experience has resulted in the standardized Smart Delivery process model for SAP UI5/Fiori developments. To customers who have no experience with SAP UI5/Fiori, we are happy to offer consulting and present them with possibilities of the in-house development technology.


(on site)

Mockup first! We create a functional specification in form of a clickable mockup. The mockup looks exactly like the later software and can be presented to different interest groups. We develop the mockup further with you on site. This way the project members can get to know each other which helps them to better understand the project together.

In the second step we write a technical specification based on the mockup. This technical specification gives us ground for a cost estimate and can also serve as a base for a work contract.


Development & Testing

We develop the software in our Development Center. We gladly use the agile process model SCRUM, so that we can present you with a preliminary result after each sprint.

After the implementation phase, we test the software thoroughly. We developed the first automated test framework for SAP UI5/Fiori, with the help of which the complete application can be tested within seconds.


(on site)

Finally, the software is handed over to the customer for approval. We support you during the go-live phase and are available to answer any questions you may have. Further services such as hosting or future development packages can be defined in a maintenance contract.